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Combined functional and load testing
Test the full functionality of your web application whilst checking performance under load.
Maintain continuous performance, regardless of
traffic demands.
functional and load testing real browsers

Real browsers


A real browser is used for each and every virtual user when executing testing. The browser is controlled by the virtual user which keeps it 100% accurate.

Record real user journeys


A Virtual User (VU) simulates user actions enabling you to record real user journeys. Extensive scripting support means virtual users can be asked to replicate all aspects of user interaction under differing conditions.

functional and load testing record real user journeys
functional and load testing html5 features

HTML5 features

Support for the features that modern day web applications require such as local storage, custom data etc.

Playback and visualise

Get visibility of your scripted user journeys as the tests are performed. See your web application perform exactly as a real user would.

load testing playback and visualise
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load testing reusable scripts

Re-usable scripts

Scripts stay usable. No need to re-record full scripts, only update elements that correspond with changes made to your site design, not the backend.

No correlation


The real browser handles correlation, identifying dynamic values within URLs, headers, cookies and local storage, with no errors.

functional and load testing no correlation
functional and load testing server-side monitoring

Server-side monitoring

Monitor your servers during a load test. JAR:Load fully integrates with New Relic. Data from New Relic is stored with your load test.

Intuitive structuring of projects and tasks

It is easy to create and manage your testing activities. Create load profiles and set load patterns with the required VU’s using drag and drop functionality.

functional and load testing testing activities
JAR:TestLab customers who have tested for success.
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– Visual report builder

Easily design and customise reports to display the metrics that suit your testing needs.

– Published reports

Create and share reports with audience specific content.

– Persistant reports

Access previous data to compare and analyse test results.

– Transactions

Get metrics on the time it takes to complete
on-page transactions.

functional and load testing reporting
Customer Testimonial

“We are always looking to improve application performance.”

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“The advice from JAR Technologies was insightful and the deployment of JAR:TestLab was easy. This enabled us to accurately assess the application, complete load testing and get detailed results to inform decisions.

This meant we could quickly respond to our clients with assurance on the true performance of their websites and help them to successfully execute their projects.”

Senior Vice President Europe, Concentrix.

Load and functionality test your application, then monitor it,

all from within one application.