Functional monitoring
24/7 monitoring of website availability, functionality and business transaction SLA’s
Insights and alerts let you know about web application performance
issues, before your users experience them.
performance monitoring real browser

Real browsers


A real browser is used for each and every virtual user when executing testing. The browser is controlled by the virtual user which keeps it 100% accurate.

Record real user journeys


A Virtual User (VU) simulates user actions enabling you to record real user journeys. Extensive scripting support means virtual users can be asked to replicate all aspects of user interaction under differing conditions.

performance monitoring record real user journeys

1 minute monitor intervals

Get accurate uptime statistics and detailed insights into downtimes.

One click monitoring

Use the same Scripts, Recordings, Datasets and File sets for both Load and Monitor Tests. You can use each of these as many times as you like.

performance monitoring one click monitoring
All our packages start with a free forever account.

Re-usable scripts

Scripts stay usable. No need to re-record full scripts, only update elements that correspond with changes made to your site design not the backend.

Real user monitoring


Monitor your site and see performance in real time under differing real user browsing conditions.

performance monitoring real user monitoring

Unlimited monitoring alerts

SMS and Email alerts to let you know about web application performance issues.

No correlation


The real browser handles correlation, identifying dynamic values within URLs, headers, cookies and local storage, with no errors.

performance monitoring no correlation

24/7 RESTful monitoring

Monitors your site 24/7 for RESTful API calls/hosts, availability, functionality, per request or transactional SLA’s, helping you to ensure you continue to meet your targets.

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– Monitor dashboard

Configure a monitor dashboard using widgets to get an overview of recent test results and a quick indication of overall performance.

– Visual report builder

Easily design and customise reports to display the metrics that suit your testing needs.

performance monitoring visual report builder
Customer Testimonial

“To ensure that our global online payments platform is available 24/7.”

“We partnered with JAR Technologies using their real browser testing and monitoring tools to ensure our software is working every time our customers log in. These tools are now part of our QA process, saving us time and money.

JAR not only helped us through the setup and testing process but have also provided a high level of after sales service.”

IT Manager, FEXCO Corporate Payments.

Load and functionality test your application, then monitor it,

all from within one application.