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digital age blog

BLOG – The digital age

The digital age, agile working and a changing approach to testing.



BLOG – Always plan ahead…and performance test

Test for success in 2017

BLOG – Using automation to improve quality in application testing

blog website downtime

BLOG – When website ‘downtime’ can send user satisfaction in the same direction.


VIDEO – Your testing reality check

How to get a testing reality check for your application.

Test for success in 2017

BLOG – Test for success in 2017

2016 has been an eventful year in many ways. Some predictions came true…

top tips

BLOG – Top Tips

Peak traffic demands online can vary due to a number of elements…


Start-Up successfully

BLOG – Start-Up successfully

If you are a start-up and counting on the performance….


Open source code

BLOG – Open source code

There is no doubt that the presence of open source code is good.

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Combined functional and load testing

Use our guides below to find out how to test the full functionality of your web application and check performance under load.

Getting Started – Load Tutorial
JAR:Load – Jargon Buster

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Functional monitoring

Use our guides below to find out how to monitor web application availability, functionality and business transaction SLA’s.

Getting Started – Monitor Tutorial
JAR:Monitor – Jargon Buster

JAR:TestLab FAQ’s
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What is load testing
What is a virtual user
How do I upload an image to use during a test?
What if I need my Script to contain input data, such as search terms or login details?
How do I deal with correlation of session IDs?
Can I re-use JAR:Load Scripts, Recordings, Datasets or Filesets in JAR:Monitor?
How do I access live support?
How do I speak to an engineer?
How do I create a Support Ticket?
How do Scripts control Real Browsers?
What results can I expect to see from a Load Test?
Why can't I test my Script or Recording?
Can I customise the results from tests?
What widgets should I include on my Default Web Script Test Report?
I have launched a Load Test – why can I not see Load Test Results?
Will load testing transactions show up on Google Analytics?

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