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If you are a start-up and counting on the performance of your application from day one, avoid these common pitfalls when performance testing to make sure success is in sight.

1. A lack of understanding of the ‘what’ and ‘why’

Do you want to just check your website is ‘up’? Or do you want to make sure that your carefully designed user experience is performing exactly as you had planned it? Make sure your testing programme is giving you the analysis you need. If you need the payment dropdowns to be working to make money, make sure they are tested under suitable conditions don’t just check one element is functioning.

2. Thinking open source is free

An open source tool may seem like a cost effective solution. However if there is installation and configuration required, and no user training or support available, the money you thought you were saving can be quickly spent again just to get the tool working before any testing is even carried out.

3. Assumption of testing requirements

When testing requirements are developed they can be ambiguous, obsolete or missing key details. They can underestimate real user interactions or just focus on replaying network traffic. This means time and resource is wasted executing tests that provide a set of results that completely miss critical steps.

4. Real v’s simulated users

A tool which only mimics users will test your application and confirm it is live, however it won’t test the functionality or run different user scenarios. You may get a green light saying that the payment drop down works but it may have only tested one payment method. Make sure that your testing uses real browsers so that you are testing in real world conditions.

5. We tested it once so it will be ok

The introduction of new features in applications can negatively impact the performance. To gain assurance that issues haven’t occurred, load testing needs to become a continuous and automated process alongside development, not just a onetime check.

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