The digital age, agile working
and a changing approach to testing.

Technology is becoming the key driver for change in the world today. Whether it is in business, finance or healthcare the impact is changing the way we behave, interact and operate. The speed at which technology is changing is in turn increasing the speed at which businesses are making decisions and innovating. In order to compete, you have to keep up!

The Digital Age

Those operating in sectors such as Government, Healthcare or Finance, whose primary focus is not technology, are now becoming technology aware and using it to their advantage. Recently it was reported that a city in Japan has introduced technology to keep track of senior citizens with dementia. Those who are prone to getting lost are getting tagged with small scanable barcodes that can inform local police who they are and where they live if they are in need of help.

Banks are making decisions on how they will interact with their customers as a result of the new devices being released by tech companies. To keep up with the competition or in some cases be seen as a leader they are having to create software and applications that interact with consumer based devices in accelerated timescales.

Don Callahan, Citigroups Head of Operations and Technology recently said in an interview with the McKinsey & Company that they ‘worked with a senior team at Apple, with IBM, and at Citi to develop the first banking app for the watch. We did it all in 120 days.’

Agile Working

In each situation applications are becoming the enabler to success and the risk associated with their failure means that testing is taking a more prominent seat at the project planning table. As agile working also starts to become the norm in order to drive efficiencies, more and more departments are working closer together from day one. Developers, Testers, UX Designers and Product Managers are now all providing input to project scopes at the early stages, using their expertise to bring ideas to life quickly.

A Changing Approach to Testing

To keep up with the accelerated development timescales testing is now being considered at a much earlier stage and being carried out more often. To find ways to make the process more efficient the adoption of automation tools for some testing areas tasks such as load and functionality is growing.

The introduction of tool assisted testing is enabling testing teams to identify opportunities for change, allowing them to automate manual tasks that can be time consuming. By doing this they can ensure they keep the development cycle moving at the required pace whilst not compromising on quality. But most importantly they can take time to use their skills in the best way possible, using their creativity and curiosity to seek out what everyone else hasn’t seen and question what no one else has thought of!

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Load and functionality test you application, then monitor it

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