Top tips for real browser
load testing.

Peak traffic demands online can vary due to a number of elements such as industry, time of the year, time of the day, significant activity dates, promotions, launches, deadlines and the list goes on! These real browser load testing tips will help you prepare to ensure your application is ready to make your business, project or event a success!

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Preparation is key. Peak user time will depend on the nature of your business or organisation. Retailers have just experienced their period of madness with Black Friday whilst taxi companies will start to see their demand increase as those celebrating the festive period will be looking for transport. Peak demand times will differ so plot them out on a peak timetable, create a load testing programme which reflects this and you will soon start to identify any potential traffic bottlenecks.

Continuous Development – Continuous Testing

Development is moving towards a continuous process and testing needs do the same. You may have your peak traffic mapped out, and even tested, but as development continues and changes are made, continuous testing is essential to ensure those changes haven’t impacted the application performance.

Using real browsers to test can make script updates easy and quick. The use of real browsers means they can do all the hard work for you and you can use your testing time effectively.

Know your users

Collate previous user data and use it to gain an understanding of user behaviour. Map out previous peak periods, times and days and categorise them. You can start to predict behaviour and get more insights into your expected traffic so you know what and when to test.

Optimise the User Experience

Each user will behave differently online. This means applications need to deal with varying user journeys all at once and at peak traffic levels. It is crucial that all elements of functionality in real user scenarios work to maintain an optimal user experience. If a UX has been carefully designed to enhance a brand experience, then the application can’t afford to ruin it due to poor performance. Using real browsers to test will enable load and functionality to be tested at the same time.

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